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Keeley Private Stock

Keeley Private Stock high fidelity, boutique effects are the most unique blend of guitar effects and craftsmanship available.  Each Keeley Private Stock (KPS) effect pedal is handcrafted for the serious HI-FI enthusiast.  Each pedal has hand selected components that I chose myself and frequently the parts are upgraded to an even higher standard.  Hard to believe, but expect to find the best of parts like Telefunken diodes, Mallory and Sprague caps as well as matched components where 1% would be considered the Least to qualify.  The list of thoughtfulness that goes into each KPS pedal goes on and on, this is to just give you an idea.  Plus, enjoy the fine craftsmanship of Bob Burt, cabinet builder extraordinaire!  Notice the finger joints and magnificent build and finish.  Currently available woods include Quilted Maple, Cocabola, Mahogany, Padauk, Lacewood, 500 year old River Recovered pine, and yellow pine.  The KPS pedals are lined with copper foil so you don't ever have to worry about noise or the need to shield.  We have made sure every detail is as exquisite as possible.  Ever dreamed of a pedal that is like a Les Paul?  Curly Maple Top, Mahogany sides...we can do it!

Notice the copper foil shielding, inset knobs, and the input and output jacks!


Keeley Private Stock Available

KPS # 2, Yellow Pine


KPS # 3, Lace Wood


KPS # 4, Antique, 500 year old River Recovered Pine


KPS # 5, Quilted Maple

KPS # 6, Padauk

KPS # 7, Cocabola

KPS # 8, Mahogany



These pedals are available by request only.  The wooden blank pictured is the only one available at the time, you select what effect you want put in it, Keeley Compressor, Java Boost, or Fuzz Head.  Build time is 2-4 weeks.  Three builders are involved in each pedal, Bob Burt the cabinet builder, the lead technician for that pedal line, and myself.  We may take requests for certain types of woods.  Not only are the cases a work of art, but these units have hand selected and tested parts!  You're getting what I consider to be the finest example of that particular effect.  We also take requests on the engineering of the circuit!  If you have a special request, let me know and we will quote a price and build time.

  Thanks for looking!

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